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We at Menta Instruments dedicate in providing you superbly crafted instruments which will serve you faithfully for years to come. To extend the life of our instruments, please follow the below mentioned rules, so that your instruments will remain free from rust, spot and stain.
  • After removing the packing, the instruments should be thoroughly cleaned before the sterilizing process starts.

  • If you prefer manual cleaning, please take a soft brush (never use a metal brush!). It is recommended to use a tooth brush with soft bristles. Rusty instruments have to be sorted out.
  • Ultrasonic treatment for 4 minutes has proven to be sufficient. Instruments have to be immersed after ultrasonic cleaning.

  • Ensure any solutions/compounds which are used to clean/sterilize the instruments are PH7 neutral.

  • Joints, Box Locks, Cutting Edges have to be lubricated with pure paraffin oil.

  • Don’t open the autoclave too quickly after the sterilization cycle, as excessive condensation will develop on the surface of the instruments.

  • Immediately after use, the instruments should be rinsed with warm running water. After rinsing the instruments it should be ensured that any kind of blood, saliva & mucous etc, is removed from the instruments, especially from serration and joints.
  • Instruments should be thoroughly dried after cleaning and before storing. If the instrument is not properly cleaned it can cause rust or corrosion on the instruments.

  • Instruments should be carefully inspected to ensure that their working parts and functions are not impaired.

  • Do not sterilize stainless steel instruments with chrome plated instruments.

  • Preheat instruments in autoclave before allowing steam to enter, if possible, to prevent and excessive amount of condensation forming on the surface of the instruments.
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